Safe & sustainable dikes and dams

With this innovative construction method, geotextile tubes filled with soil, known as topotubes, are produced on site and installed directly. A topotube is a composite construction element consisting of an outer geotextile and an encapsulated filling soil.

The composite construction method allows the realization of reinforced, erosion-proof structures as well as soil savings of up to 45%. The properties of the structure can be designed by the specific choice of the filling soil so that various new functionalities can be integrated into the structure. All pourable soils can be considered as filling materials. This allows innovative construction.

Despite the significant improvements that can be achieved in terms of safety and functionality, massive cost advantages can be realized. A separate study shows that construction operations can be five times more sustainable in terms of CO2 equivalents. In particular, it is often possible to use local soils, as the building properties are adjusted via the hose construction method.



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