Innovative cubing of dams and dikes with earth-filled geotextile tubes for improved flood protection

Brief description of the project:

Flood protection systems are required for effective flood protection to safeguard industrial, commercial and residential areas as well as landscapes. Modern flood protection also takes the climatic changes over time into account and is sustainable and resource-savingat the same time. The advantages of topotubes, soil-filled geotextile tubes, are to be used in such a way that slender cross-sections with lower material and area requirements, higher material variance and higher resistance to hydraulic loads. At the same time, the design provides overflow protection and resilience to changes in design conditions after construction, such as flood occurrence probabilities and water levels.

In the project, the limits and thus maximum advantages of the system are specifically explored by experimental and numerical investigations. The proofs will be provided by targeted monitoring. The results of the project are to be translated into general design guidelines that fully exploit the advantages of the new construction method and, by means of the systematic description, benefit a broader stratum of users in the field of hydraulic engineering and dike/levee construction.

ERDF-Stars NRW Competition 2022

The InnKubaTubes project belongs to the group of winners of the ERDF Stars competition and was awarded here as one of five projects. The photo shows the project team with Berit Finklenburg representing the IWW of RWTH Aachen University, Stefan Langer for the TH OWL and Roland Draier and Dr. Simon Jegelka for topocare at the ERDF NRW 2021 - 2027 kick-off conference with Minister Neubaur.

EFRE Forschungsprojekt InnKubaTubes
Zukunftspreis Top20

Project partner:

IWW Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management, RWTH Aachen University
Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management
topocare GmbH

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