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    Flow through street embankment

Flow-through road dam, research project DurSt

Laying of several tubes for the test section of a flowable road dam.The tubes are made of a mesh fabric and are filled with coarse gravel.The laying was carried out in a test pit whose sole was sealed with bentonite mats. This was followed by tests for setting behavior and flowability. 

Due to the integration of topotubes we gained the following advantages:They allow for permeability while at the same time eliminating external and internal erosion processes. Reinforcement of the dam structure by forming external abutments. Increasing the longevity of roadsides in general.


Further information:

ZIM Cooperative project "DurSt-Straßendamm", project partner: IAB Weimar, Ingenieur office Inver, Queller Bau



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