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    Soil filled geotextile tubes

topotubes are made of geotextile fabric and can be made in a variety of ways as a component use:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Flood protection, terrain profiling
  • Levee and dam construction
  • Drainage with gravel installation
  • Through flow structures
  • Overflow structure with Overtopping
  • Rainwater retention basin
  • Separating dam, rubber dam
  • Solar and Tailings Ponds / settling basin
  • Stage construction and breakwater •land reclamation

topotubes exist in different sizes, from 50 cm to 100 cm diameters, and can be filled with different materials from dry to wet soil.


The Advantages

The advantages of topotubes are the erosion secure sheathing of the filling material, the possibility of flexible and adaptable stabilization of a structure and the quality and efficiency of the process. more..

Production and laying

The topomover 3.5 is the universal machine for laying topotubes - endless geotextile tubes placed locally. Its characteristics are limited personnel requirements and therefore highly efficient laying of topotubes, with flexible transport Equipment. more...

Examples & References

Examples for the use of topotubes in construction, terrain profiling, separating dams, rainwater retention basins, dikes and mining. In the near future this section will give examples of these applications. more


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