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    Agend based simulation


With the simulation of the logistics and countermeasure process, it is possible to determine times, capacities and costs. On this basis topocare offers consulting and planning services as well as the independent software package PLATHO, which enables for dynamic decision making. The multi agend based simulation  can be used to clarify different tasks:

  • Question of mobile or non-mobile
  • Flood protection concepts
  • Planning the logistics structure
  • Location planning
  • Scenarios estimate

Based on a research project

The TopoOpt research project, carried out from 2014 to 2015, was funded by the German government's hightech cluster it's OWL. The aim was to use simulation to determine an optimal process chain for flood protection. The results were used to send process instructions via mobile devices. more

Background: Agent-based simulation

Agent-based modeling focuses on the individual actors in the system. This is in contrast both to the abstract system dynamics approach (System Dynamics) and to event-oriented modeling (discrete events). The agent-based simulation offers these possibilities ... more

The software package PLATHO

With the software package, topocare users have the opportunity to carry out simulations themselves in order to react dynamically to flood situations. With the help of the software, scenarios can be generated and subsequently examined to determine a concrete operational modality. more



Examples and references

Examples and references to be shown in the near future.

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