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The topomover 3.5 is a universal machine for laying topotubes - endless Geotextile tubes - locally. Its characteristics include the need for fewer personal and thus a highly efficient transfer of topotubes with flexible pulling and transport equipment. It is designed for a variety of applications due to the highly functional and flexible system!

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General information about the machine

Through the use of the machine, topotubes can be directly produced at place of installation. The machine moves at walking pace as it installs the geotextile wrapped tube.  

  1. The filling (such as sand) is introduced into a container (1) at the rear of the machine.
  2. The filler material is conveyed by means of two corrugated sidewall belts on a boom (2, 3) to the hopper, and then into a vertical pipe (4).
  3. Geotextile is wrapped (5) around the vertical pipe to form a tube (topotube)
  4. The tube is filled with earth materials and deposited on the ground due to the forward motion of the machine.

Drive and drag system:

For the topocare machine to be fully functional one requires a towing vehicle and a standard trailer with a hook lift system. The customer has the free choice to use their own equipment (trailer, towing system) allowing for more flexibility. The hook-lift system is worldwide standardised, so that any truck or even tracked vehicles can hook the machine.



In order to operate the machine, two further requirements have to be fulfilled: a constant pace (walking speed, see technical specifications) and a hydraulic connection have to be applied.

To operate the machine only one person is needed. They can control and drive the machine at the same time. While in operation the machine is filled by a wheel loader or any other type of transfer vehicle to secure the supply of needed bulk material.



Topotubes are laid down via a boom which allows rotation, distance and height adjustment. The machine is operated via a radio panel. After the first positioning, the installation process can be monitored from the driver's cabin and does not require any further control.

Technical data

Transport: hook-lift system
Tube diameter: 0,6m bis 1,0m
Operating hight: -2,0m bis +3,0m
Operating speed: 150m/h
Man power needed: 1 operator



Feel free to contact us if there are any specific questions regarding our machine or the construction method.

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