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    Digital Integration and Support

TopoIoT - Internet of Things: Here topocare bundles its digital activities to support and monitor flood protection processes and structures. With our web application PLATHO we offer a state-of-the-art solution in the field of scenario planning and simulation for municipalities with larger mobile protection systems.

  • Measures and logistics simulation
  • Scenarios evaluation
  • Tracing & Tracking
  • Process Optimization
  • Live Monitoring


With our  flood protection planning tool named PLATHO, the individual flood protection processes of a municipality can be simulated. The web application can be called up via the browser and makes it possible to generate application scenarios by entering current parameters (water levels, forecasts, capacities).




Do you know exactly what is happening within your dike at any given moment?

- Continuous monitoring of dikes and other structures that was not possible before. With built-in sensors, drone flight mapping and other techniques, we network the dike, so that one is aware of threats beforehand.

A future topic with great opportunities.

Examples and Reference

Examples and references to be shown in the near future.

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