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    Flood protection concepts

Under topoconsult you will find all Consulting-, planning and other services, also present are topocare’s collaboration partners:

  • Flood protection concepts

- Feasibility studies

- Assessment: mobile or non-mobile

- Action planning

  • Logistics and measures simulation in flood protection

- Capacity planning

- Construction scenarios

- Deployment plans

  • Planning services

- Exploration / Feasibility

- Verification

- Permit applications

  • IT management tool for mobile flood protection

- Process control

Logistics - and Simulation measures

Sponsored by the Federal Government (BMBF), we have built a modeling environment in a collaboration project with the Fraunhofer Institute (IPT) and the Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) . With this enhanced environment  we can simulate scenarios and gain important insights into the required times, capacities, etc. of real life processes. Therefore scenarios can be built up, decisions can be improved, planning steps are supported as well as estimates for feasibility are submitted. more

Floodwater Concept

Feasibility studies and flood protection concepts based on hydrological information. Physical measures of technical flood protection (Dams, levees, ...), Compensation areas or even mobile measures thereof are planned. topocare has partners in hydro computational fluid dynamics, hydraulic engineering and geotechnics. Together with our know-how we bundle these services and can offer tailor-made solutions.

Planning services

To estimate the feasibility and scheduling of flood protection structures (retention basins, dikes, separation dams) and to provide the necessary know how we have a partner network of experts built up with which we can provide the necessary planning and technical services for projects which involve the use of topotubes. Therefore we ensure that we can manage a project from start to finish. You benefit from our structured experiences!

Examples & References

Under the following link you find examples and references for the topoconsult services. more


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