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Testfield, University of Applied Science OWL, November 2017

Instalation of topotubes in the geotechnical laboratories.



Speperating dam to restore stream continuity, Detmold, AgA gGmbH, September 2017 

Building of a 73m long separation dam with geotextil tube (topotubes).



Structural Tests,  Dam construction by the river Weser, November 2016

Different tests were undertaken (overtopping,...) to get specific dam characteristics (seepage, settling, ...)



Flow-through road dam, research project DurSt, September 2016

Construction of an erosion-resistant and stabilizing dam structure made of geotextile tubing.



Manufacture / Supply / Installation of a flood protection wall, city Herdecke, July 2016

Construction of an approx. 30 m long flood water dam with a 0.9 m high erosion-resistant core structure made of soil-filled geotextiles.



Underwater laying of topotubes, experimental site on a gravel excavation, March 2014

Laying of several topotubes under water for test purposes. Creation of a shallow water zone within the experimental field. 


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