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Welcome to the press area from topocare! Here you will find press articles, press releases, videos, pictures and information from current and past events relating to our company.

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Press articles

Here we present all newspaper articles, TV shows or other posts related to topocare.

This is therefore the first place to get a picture of the development of our young company! ;-)

Classified according to the year and time of publication:


Presse 2017

Here you will find all the press from this year.

Press release 2017

Press 2016

Here you will find all the press from this year.

Press release 2016

Press 2015

The year 2015 has started well

Press release 2015

Press 2014

Here you will find the Press for 2014.

Press release 2014

Press 2013

The year 2013, has been an eventful year for topocare. Here you will find the press of 2013:

Press release 2013

Press 2012

The published articles of 2012 collected in advance of the establishment of topocare deal with the methodology and the resulting in-ZIM cooperation project prototypes of the later developed topomover 3.5.

Press release 2012

Video Material

topocare TV

In our topocare channel "topocare TV" on youtube, you can find videos of our current and past marketing campaigns around the topics of product and flood protection.

Other chanel


SAT1 NRW 17:30 (19.11.2013)

MDR, Programme: Einfach Genial (24.09.2013) (from 3.25 min)

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