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    Press Release 2013


VDI 12/2013

"topocare: Efficient dikes and flood protection"




Ostwestfälische Wirtschaft 12.2013

"OWL Innovationspreis 2013 [...]

65 companies competed with 73 innovation products, services and processes for the economy prize, [...] "




Die Glocke, 20.11.2013

"Dike construction machine reaps numerous awards

The Gütersloher company topocare receives Awards. [...] "



SAT1, NRW 17:30, 19.11.2013

Broadcast on SAT1, NRW 17:30 about the topomover 3.5.





Westfalen Blatt, 19.11.21013

" Breeding ground for good ideas "

NRW Science Minister Svenja Schulze honors three companies from OWL "



Neue Westfälische Zeitung, 19.11.2013

"[...] The € 5,000 start-up price for a promising business start-up was awarded to the Gütersloher company Topocare. [...]"



Press Release-NRW 18.11.2013

"Gütersloh: Mannesmann-Award for Gütersloh Company

Press Release-NRW 18.11.2013, 11:43 Uhr

Topocare impressed by innovative idea

Gütersloh (gpr). For the development and construction of a world-wide patented dike contstruction machine have Mannesmann eV presented an award to the company topocare Gütersloh, represented by the Managing Director Roland Draier, Jegelka Simon and Michael Schulz. [...] "




Remscheider General-Anzeiger 13.11.2013

 "Mannesmänner honor ingenuity [...]

This companies potential is also recognized by Mannesmannhaus e.V.:The company topocare GmbH has been awarded this year's Max Mannesmann award for innovation. Yesterday, the award was presented during a ceremony in the tool museum.

[...] "



Westfalen-Blatt 25.10.2013

"Excellent idea for Dyke Construction

Topocare best start-up company


Founded in October 2012, the Gütersloh GmbH Topocare company has developed a unique winding technique. Whereby continuous tubing can be produced. "



Die Glocke 25.10.2013

"Topomover 3.5

The company Topocare and CEO Roland Draier (picture) has developed a wrapping technique, which can produce continuous textile tubing. [...] "

"[...] A young company has particularly impressed the jury with its innovative idea and receives the start-up price which is endowed with 5,000 euros. [...]"




Neue Westfälische 25./26.10.2013

"Innovative ideas from OWL

Prize for 2013 go to Böllhoff and MSF Vathauer / start-up price for Topocare "

 Link to Artikel (online Version)

ZIM-Erfolgsbeispiel (Kooperationsprojekt 097)

"Effective flood control: dike construction machine for making sand-filled tubes" 



Gütersloh TV 16.10.2013

"Tubes that have it all - a good start with the startup company Topocare by Business Breakfast"

Kommunaler Beschaffungsdienst (KBD) 10/2013

"Helpers in the fight against the floods

Months after the recent devastating floods in many parts of Germany, the flood damage is still not fully resolved. While the people are still busy in the affected areas with clean-up work, the Gütersloh startup company topocare [...]"

MDR, Sendung: Einfach genial 24.09.2013

"Sand tubes from a Machine

Instead of filling sandbags, this invention creates sand-filled geotextile tubes. An invention from Roland Draier and his team. The winding technique is unique in the world and allows the production of theoretically endless sand filled tubes. These can be used during floods to secure dikes, but also in advance for dike construction. "Simply brilliant" has the first pictures of the machine during a test to see how well it performs in direct comparison with the conventional method of sandbags. "




Neue Westfälische 04.09.2013

"East Westphalia is located far from the areas where just a few weeks ago there was a desperate fight against a mass of water [...]"



Westfalen-Blatt 04.09.2013

"A new invention could revolutionize the flood protection: Officially created in October 2012 Gütersloher startup company» Topocare "has developed a dike construction machine that will help with future flood disasters, to provide protection and to limit damage [...]."

Radio Gütersloh 04.09.2013

"The company Topocare from Gütersloh has developed a revolutionary dike construction machine. The device can build a dam within an hour, [...]"



DRadio Wissen 04.09.2013

"Dike machine can replace manpower in the event of flood

Instead of hauling sandbags to the next flood perhaps the dike construction machine can be of help - at least if it was up to a company in Gütersloh. [...] "

Die Glocke 04.09.2013

"Gütersloher Firma revolutioniert Deichbau [...]

"We will not make the world better, but maybe a bit safer," said the mechanical engineer Simon Jegelka, [...] "



WDR: Lokalzeit OWL 03.09.2013

From 10:55 a short report on the product presentation and official launch of our first product, the Topomover 3.5 min.

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