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Press 2017

KIKA, 02.12.2017

Lippische Landes-Zeitung, 12. September 2017

Flood protection by the meter

The village pond in Brokhausen has been turned into a construction site. In the middle lies a large mound of soil; in the eastern part black tubes pass through the water bed. This creates a dam that separates the pond from the broker's brook. [...] According to topocare, the topotubes can be used for the construction of walls, separating walls, retaining basins or dikes.



WDR OWL Lokalzeit (Television), 11. September 2017

Flood protection by the meter



Neue Westfälische, 24. juni 2017



Westfalen-Blatt, 25. März 2017

"Environment Minister johannes Rummel is guest in Gütersloh and Verl

In addition: Güterslohs and Verls Mayor Henning Schulz and Michael Ecken […]. The company from Gütersloh was founded only four years ago, rented a hall in Very to use as a test ground,. [...] "


Die Glocke, 25. März 2017

Minister visits two environmental companies

"Topocare provides security with its tubes and offers help in an emergency without the use of sand bags from man-made human chains. Remmel: "Topocare can make the Federal Republic weatherproof." "



NW, 25. März 2017

Minister visit to Topocare

Flood protection is an issue not only on coasts and large rivers. Research and development is also carried out in Binnenland….



Umweltmagazin der NW, 14.02.2017


"In order to better present their concept to future customers, ie companies, as well as countries and local authorities, the Gütersloher have recently undertaken a large scale test. On a site……"





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