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    Press Release 2014


Die Glocke 19.09.2014

In the event of a disaster, you can use the system immediately. In dike construction it is first necessary to convince the authorities, "says Jegelka. Therefore the company from Gütersloh research further applications such as slope stabilization and fixing of gravel pits. The Geotextile tubes with appropriate filling can also be used as a drainage system.

FHDW 08/2014

Competence Center Mobile Services and Applications

It's OWL RuMorS

The findings that the FHDW could develop in the innovation project RUMORS are made available within the framework of such a transfer project with a startup company in the region - the topocare GmbH in Gütersloh, which manufactures machinery and equipment for hydraulic and civil engineering and marketing. Incorporated in this project is also earlier results from the completed and funded by the NRW project "System-to-process (S2P)“. Cooperation with topocare and a Fraunhofer-Institute as an additional project allows the FHDW the sustainable transfer of innovative knowledge in the corporate practice. "



InnoZent 26.05.2014

"The importance of not losing sight of SME promotion

Berlin / Paderborn 22 May 2014 On May 21, 2014 discussed Dr. Carsten Linnemann - Chairman of the Business Association of the CDU / CSU - in a small meeting with medium-sized business owners on [...] "



Pro Wirtschaft GT, Geschäftsbericht 2013

"Flooded streets and cellars that are under water - these images in Summer 2013 were weeks in the news. Also always in the picture: Large quantities of sandbags to keep the water back. At this time topocare GmbH was about to prepare the launch of a product that makes the flood control much easier. "



PC Control, April 2014

"The recent flood disaster in South and East Germany which devastated entire regions in June 2013 has caused an economic loss of tens of billions. Experts believe that it is the most expensive natural disaster in German history. Reason enough to consider new strategies for reliable flood protection. The Gütersloher start-up company Topocare GmbH has found an innovative solution to the problem with it’s dike construction machine Topomover 3.5. "

Radio Brocken, 20.02.2014

"dike construction machine for the Elbe-Havel-Winkel"

High-tech for flood protection. A young company called Topocare has brought a very interesting machine to the Elbe-Saale-Winkle. At a presentation in Breitenhagen it built a strong dike. [...] "


MDR Sachsen-Anhalt: heute 20.02.2014, 19:00 Uhr

"Automated assistance for the dike construction"

Flood protection in this country is a big issue. Today, a dike construction machine was introduced on the Elbe. "

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