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topocare deals with solutions for intelligent flood control.

An intelligent flood protection is comprehensive. By means of structural measures permanent solutions are integrated. Drainage systems, levees and dikes are an important part of the flood protection system.

These measures are supplemented by temporary, mobile systems. In this case mobile walls, tube systems or classical sandbag barriers measures would be integrated, which may be part of the overall solution to form a flood protection concept

Through consistent simulation and advanced planning in conjunction with the times and coordination capacities for deployment plans etc. the assessment of the available  measures can be made both both secure and cost-effective. Regard should also be taken of the existing transport and logistic concept and where possible fully integrated into the new system. 

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topocare arose from a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics ZIM cooperation project (Central Innovation Programme SME). The aim was to develop an innovative dike construction machine for making sand-filled tubes. The cooperation partners and engineers Draier Löseke & Marx made it clear clear that the technique could be adequately developed and marketed only by an independent company. topocare GmbH was founded on the 4 October 2012. With the partners Roland Draier, Simon Jegelka and Christoph Mohn Internet Holding GmbH, a strong and experienced team stands behind the goals and ideas of the company.

Meanwhile topocare has greatly expanded its activities around the topic of flood protection The engineering has been supplemented by software development and consulting. The innovative achievement of topocares has been honored with two awards: the OWL Innovation Prize 2013, category Startup, and the R. & M. Mannesmann Award for Innovation-2013. Both prices show us to be on the right track!

The company management is Roland Draier and Simon Jegelka.





topocare has a exceptional network of research and development partners. With these partners the continuous development of the machines as well as research in the filed of applications is carried out. This ensures that topocare stays at the cutting edge of technology.

The chart below gives a brief overview.


Development partners


Research partners







The headquarters of topocare is located in Gutersloh, Germany. Please contact us at the following address:

topocare GmbH
Gartenstraße 4
33332 Gütersloh


T: +49 (0) 52 41 - 50 49 7- 0
F: +49 (0) 52 41 - 50 49 7 - 99
E: info(at)topocare.com

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