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    Construction advantages 

The advantages of topotubes are the erosion secure sheathing of the filling material, the possibility of flexible and adaptable stabilization of a structure and the efficiency and quality of the process.

Geotechnical Engineering

The composite construction of Geotextile covering and the filled soil is the basis of the benefits of using Geotextile tubes in earthworks. By means of a spherical model we can show clearly it's effects.

The model is based on seven balls, which mimics the characteristics of soil functionality. The individual beads are moved by gravity and friction parameters to each other as a grain of soil would behave.

In the middle we find a simple accumulation of the balls. In the simulation model the evolution of a typical material cone is visible. the model is bounded by two outer geotextile tubes. Also, they are in turn filled with seven balls.

Due to the geotextile wrapping the shearing forces are absorbed and there is form and a stable structure. Erosion processes are prevented, this is achieved due to the increased shear strength of the soil causing increased stability of  the construction.

Erosion Security

• The filter stability of the geotextile gives the compacted soil an erosion protection

• By encapsulating the soil material in a tubular structure, a comprehensive anti-erosion opposed arises eg. For Looping with geotextile

• By building the topoubes in the core of a building internal erosion processes can be prevented

• Due to variable geotextile, the filter characteristic can be specifically adapted to the soil

• Erosion processes due to waves are suppressed by the geotextile sheath

Flexible Stabilisation

• The composite construction of geotextile and fill soil takes on ground form and position stability

• It is adaptable to the ground even when it shifts, because it is not a rigid component

• Various tube diameters are possible for a specific composite structure

• To achieve a given sturdiness the fabric can be selected with a higher robustness class (GRK) and / or more geotextile wrapping layers are added.

• By choosing a particular geotextile the operability of the tube can be adapted specifically to the needs of the building (layer thickness, tensile force carrying capacity, water permeability, ...)

Process Economics

• Due to a composite structure, less space consuming construction designs are possible. As a result, less ground materials are necessary..

• It allows the possibility to use different soils: coarse, mixed- or fine natural or reclaimed soil can be installed specifically.

• Previously not suitable cost-effective soil can be utilized due to the composite of geotextile

• Harnessing locally available soil material

• Fast, mechanical laying of topotubes

• Formation of the tubes directly at the installation site. No extra handling required.

• Easy dismantling of the tubes by cutting and then pulling the fabric.

Superior Quality

Consistent quality of construction due to mechanical Machine system.

•Due to the composite structure of the textile the soil quality is of secondary consideration for the construction process.

Safety requirements of earth structures can be provided by topocare and its partners, also available is documentation showing proof of function. In special cases, we can also draw on experts from various universities.

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